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How to reset password

  • The system redirect you to another page like the image below

  • Insert your email so that the system can send you an email containing recover procedure
  • Follow the link in the email and insert a new password.
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I forgot how to access the submission system: how to retrieve it?

IECON 2016 is using a submission/review system for regular papers (file names with code:
It's access is located at the following URL:
Te Lo mando a Parte.
and a conference management system for Special Sessions, Tutorials, Student Forum and later for final submission of ALL accepted papers. It's URL is: .

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Special Session Organizers
Special Session Management

All the organizers have full control of the manuscripts submitted to their special session.

  • Click on the title of an article in the list
  • Choose one of the option in the Chair Options


If you choose the first one a list of possible reviewers will appear (you can invite one or more reviewer clicking on the button );

if you choose the second one a list of all the invited reviewer will appear,

the third one, instead, allows an organizer to invite a reviewer by email. 


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Why I can see only x papers in the Special Session Area? I think there are more than x

According an IEEE policy to prevent "Conflict of Interest" a special session organizer can not see and manage the papers of the other special session organizers in the same special session.

In these particular case a user with more privileges (special session chair/publication chair) has the task to manage these papers.

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After completion of the whole details including file upload, we pressed the submit button. But it is not working? Can you let us know the problem?

To submit a new paper you need to fill all the field in the submission form. In particular:

  • you need to update a valid curriculum (on the top of the submission form there is a yellow box with the link)

Once the compilation is completed you can press the Submit button and you will receive two kind of messages:

  • A red screen with the error (this screen is visible for 10 seconds)
  • A green screen with the text "Properly Submitted"

In the first case the submission has not occurred. Instead, in the second case, the submission has occurred and you will receive a confirmation email and a notification from the system.

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After submitting my special session paper, I do not receive a confirmation email, but the list of your submission says my paper is under review. Can you let us know the problem?

This is really strange because the system is configured to send an email to the mail address of each author. After that, the system sends an email to all the special session organizers" about the presentation, so that they can put the article in the review process. 

So if you do not receive an email please check your spam folder in the registration email.

If you have a spam-filter, please add to the exception list  the mail address:


It is important to underline that an article can have three different states:

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When I submit the paper, do I have to submit the Author's information form? If it is existed, where is it? what is the form?

To submit a new paper you first registered to the site and so you have compiled the registration form reachable to this link. So, theoretically, when you submit an article your personal information are available however if you want to update your information you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the button

  • Click on "Update your profile"

  • Update the form, that will appear, with the new data
  • Click on the "Submit" button
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When I have submitted my paper, how can I make some changes in submitted paper?

To update the information inside your paper you have to been the Corrisponding Author otherwise you can not edit nothing.

The main steps that you have to follow are:

  • Click on the title of the article that you want update

  • Click on the "Edit" button on the top of the page (below article's title)

  • Update the information
  • Click on the "Submit" button




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When I submit special session paper, the PDF checking response also said that my paper has no valid margins. What that mean?

The system check all the PDF according the IEEE specifications. So, when you receive the warning "no valid margins" means that the text on your PDF go out from the region of acceptance. 

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When I submit the special session paper, when I click the submit button, the system always ask me to add a CV as least 100 words. But I have submit a CV more than 100 words. Why?

Because the system does a check of the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of all the authors. So when you submit an article you have to check that the curriculum vitae of all the authors is at least 100 words.

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How can I delete my submission?

To delete a submission you have to follow these steps:

  • Move the mouse over a paper
  • Click on the "Trash Icon"

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Deleting a paper means that it is cancelled? Could i re-submit it?

Yes after deleting the paper is removed from our server. Yes you could re-submit. However you can edit your article follow the steps on the FAQs.

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I can not see my papers in the CMS system. Why?

Don't worry! You will receive as soon as possible an email with all the details.

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Does the author need to reply the review in the submmision systems after registration?
It is not mandatory but recommended because this information can help the Chairs during the different steps of the conference's management.
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What is the fee and where to book?

Registration to IECON 2016 will be opened in June throught the conference management system linked with the conference web site: Fees will be announced at that time and their amount will be similar to previous editions.

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How to register two papers belongs to same author? One paper full registration and second paper with reduced registration fee?

An author to register two papers and get the "2nd registration discount" has to follows these steps:

  • complete a registration for a paper (the first) with a successful payment
  • register another paper (the system will automatically recognize that this is the second paper registered by the author)
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How much it takes to receive the invitation letter for visa

An User to take the invitation letter have to complete at least one registration (with payment confirmed). After that he/she have to follow these steps:

  • login to our system CMS
  • Click on the invitation letter hexagon

N.B. if you have not inserted your Passport information you have to insert them.

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You should have a successfully accepted registration with payment confirmed.

If you have problem please contact the webmaster at:

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How to review a paper

to review a paper you have to follow these steps:

  • Click on the title of a paper 
  • Click Accept Button if you want accept to review the paper (otherwise click Decline)


  • Now you should see the list of question divided by section
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Where are the reviewers comments?

To see the reviewers comments you should follow these steps:

  • Click on 

  • Click on the paper's title

  • In the page of the paper you will see a column like this:

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